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Find the most efficient legal solutions

Legal consultancy, GDPR, T&C, Digital law, and more

We connect businesses with highly experienced legal experts across the globe. Our goal is to minimize your effort while maximizing your results.

Legal Consultancy

Our partners' network covers legal queries and solutions across significant industry aspects.

  • Litigation support

  • Due diligence

  • Contract review

  • Corporate compliance

  • Banking & finance

  • Cross-practice consultancy

  • Labor law

  • Environmental law

  • Digital & IT law

  • NDAs

  • Risk management

  • Data privacy



Construct the proper cookies
following strict GDPR to ensure
the appropriate usage of
customer data.

Policies & T&C

Implement reliable policies and terms & conditions on your active websites to promote transparency and safety for users.

Digital & IT law consultancy outsourcing

We find and employ seasoned legal professionals for you. We strive to expand our reach continuously – no matter the legal matter, we have a standby team, ready to assist you and drive results.
Structuring of digital assets
Documentation of digital assets
Regulatory clearance for digital assets
Digital assets compliance
Digital assets risk management

About us

About vavil 


vavil  is an experienced legal consultancy outsourcing service.
We contact the most esteemed legal consultancy teams worldwide and connect brands with the right workforce for their projects.
You get an efficient hiring process, full communication assistance, and sensible trade data protection with us.
If you want to know more about us or ask us a question about a project, please contact us freely!


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