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The right legal consultancy for your projects

We have established a massive partnering network through a specialized algorithm and experience. No matter your legal query, we will find the most suitable legal consultancy experts to assist you with it!

Litigation support

From document review to customized production solutions, our teams have you covered.

  • Early data analytics

  • Managed document review

  • Legal research

  • Legal drafting

  • Class action settlement

Due diligence

Know everything about your investment opportunities.

  • Cost-efficient research

  • Added value-to-money

  • Legal project management

  • High-end reporting tools

  • Deadline efficiency

Contract review

Better company performance through a balanced workload.

  • Cost-efficient review process

  • Reduced contract cycle times

  • Revenue leakage reduction

  • Revenue enhancement

  • Better data usage

Corporate compliance

Minimize risk with proper compliance implementation.

  • Contract management

  • Management and administration compliance analysis

  • Technology-enabled resources

  • Cost-efficiency

  • Information governance strategy creation

Banking & finance

Adapt to variable market conditions through new structures and approaches.

  • Mergers

  • Derivative products

  • Asset finance

  • Project finance

  • Financial regulatory solutions

Cross-practice consultancy

We partner with at least one team speaking any chosen foreign language.

  • Multilingual teams

  • International legal consultancy

  • Cost-efficient work process

  • Foreign Courts’ decisions solutions

  • Seamless project communication

There is more!

Our partnering teams specialize in various legal consultancy aspects. Here are some more of those.

Labor law

  • Legal reviews

  • Administrative document improvement

  • HR solutions

  • Project management compliance

  • Trade Union activities consultancy


  • Competitive advantage maintenance

  • Sensitive information preservation

  • Unilateral and mutual NDA creation

Environmental law

  • National environmental regulations solutions

  • International environmental regulations solutions

Risk management

  • Legal risk identification

  • Legal risk assessment

  • Legal risk control

  • Legal risk reports

Environmental law

  • Operational, transactional, and project issues solutions

  • Acquisition or divesting consultancy

  • Business-critical insights

Data privacy

  • GDPR compliance

  • CCPA compliance

  • LGPD compliance

  • T&Cs

  • Legal policies

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